Thank you very much for inviting me to come in to test the high-res ultrasound instrument. After a year of many injuries, it was a comfort to have the ultrasound show my L5-S1 stenosis had improved as well as the placement and orientation of my sacrum and SI joints. This new instrument allowed for an unambiguous assessment.  As a scientist I like hard data, which is what this unit provides to the patient.

…You have been life changing for me! I have gone from being a cripple to a functioning person who not only falls off her mountain bike, but is starting to run again.  Jaqueline L. Kiplinger, Ph.D. Los Alamos National Laboratory

“I’m taking this opportunity to thank Dr. Baum for the successful treatment of the excruciating and crippling effects of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis which afflicted my lumbar spinal region and my hip.  I was “saved” by happenstance when, after making ann appointment with the neurosurgeon, a friend suggested I seek a second opinion from Dr. Baum.

I began the PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatments in August, 2011.  We decided to expedite the process by meeting weekly for the treatments.  I finished with the therapy in November.  I experienced a degree of post-traumatic pain throughout the injection sites, which lasted three weeks, and then much to my own skeptical incredulity, the pain began to diminish and ambulatory function began to return.  This trend continued with notable improvement occurring daily, until , by the first of the year, when the reduction of pain, and the return of normal function, allowed me to stand and walk comfortably.

I am amazed at the rate of this swift recovery, and am overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to have received these remarkable treatments.

In my humble opinion, Dr. Baum is a healer, in the truest sense of the word.  He is, as well, a first rate physician, the likes of which are scarce in this modern world of mass-market medical procedures.”
Salud!  Roger Ralphs, Santa Fe, NM      January 25th, 2012

“Thank you for your excellent care and treatment of me in January.
The pain in my knee has been relieved by 80% (No surprise to you I’m sure). I look forward to PRP treatment #2 in March”
Pat Shrock   February 12th, 2012

“Jim Baum is a highly skilled and very caring physician.? His patients benefit from his ability to integrate science, intuition and compassion.”
-Michael J. Gelb, author “How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci”

“After hearing that my only option for my bulging/herniated disc was back surgery from 3 different doctors, I was referred to Dr. Baum who’s non surgical technique of prolotherapy turned out to be the wonder cure. I am now fully mobile, pain free and back to doing all my favorite sports and other activities.”
-Thomas Brandt CEO Trans-Lux Corporation

“I have seen specialists all over the country, Mayo Clinic included, for help with pain and fatigue. No one came close to helping me as much as Dr. Baum. Prolotherapy treatments eliminated the pain I my neck, upper back, and lower back. Dr. Baum also diagnosed my gluten sensitivity and his dietary recommendations resulted in a dramatic improvement in my health, including the elimination of my migraine headaches.

When I first saw Dr. Baum, I was uncertain about the future; now I wake in the morning optimistic, pain-free and full of energy. Dr. Baum’s skill combined with his calm, compassionate and intuitive bedside manner is a rare and winning combination. He is a healer in the truest sense of the word.”
-Amy Fisher, Santa Fe, NM

“I had lower back pain & could not live a normal life. Dr. Baum’s treatment was great!

No Pills…No Drugs… Now I’m dancing again.”
-Lyda Hawley Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I don’t know how to thank you enough. Your skills with needles and pain relief are truly amazing. The episode where you relieved the intense pain in my left leg with 2 simple shots into the hip was in my judgment miraculous. Your additional Prolotherapies in my low back cured a partially collapsed disk – again, amazing!

Be assured that I tell people about your great work.”
-Frank Kunc Santa Fe, NM

“My shoulder healed within 2 days after leaving your office.  Am sailing & diving just as I used too!  Fiji is a happy and beautiful country.  Much love to you and Isha.”       -Laser, Fiji

“I just want to let you know  how pleased I am with the results of the Prolotherpy treatments.  I am having practically no symptoms of bursitis now and am so relieved.

Thank you so much for your good work and patience with me.”     -Susan Gunst, Santa Fe, NM

“When it came to Dr. James Baum I had neck pain and loss of mobility.  An x-ray showed very little space between cervical 5 and 6 joints.  I could not play sports and even running hurt. After Prolotherapy I can do anything: golf, tennis, swimming, biking; even driving is easier and pain free.  Prolotherapy on my big toe joint has helped with the pain and mobility, too.”    –Robin Laughlin, Santa Fe, NM

“A few weeks ago I was visiting with a friend who has been suffering from chronic back pain for years.  He has spent many hours and thousands of dollars going to various doctors seeking a long-term solution but still suffers.  I shared with him my similar experience and how your treatments, well over two years ago, have provided me with complete relief and allowed me to return to an active, back pain free life.

Over two years ago I came to you with back pain so severe I would have left a $50.00 dollar bill laying on the street rather than bend over to pick it up.  I had seen my doctor and a chiropractor but they were only able to provide me with temporary solutions or medications to mask the pain.  I even called a friend and neurosurgeon at The Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  Based on the information I provided, he felt my only option was surgery.  Thank goodness I didn’t give up, and came to see you.  I must admit that after the first treatment I questioned my decision, the pain from my body’s reaction to the injection was almost as bad as the back pain.  However, that subsided after a couple of days, and was not as severe after the second treatment and was gone after the third.  I remain, to this date, back pain free thanks to you.”    –Michael J. Warren  Santa Fe, NM

“By the time I made it into Dr. James Baum’s office in Santa Fe in May 2007, I had been suffering for over two months with terrible pain and discomfort from a sports-related injury to my hip/low back area.  Because a ligament was torn, no amount of chiropractic care, bodywork or orthopedic medicine had improved my condition.  I could barely walk.  I was taking pills that made me sick yet did little to relieve my symptoms.  I had become dependent upon others for help with daily activities.  I was missing work, having trouble sleeping and was miserably depressed about the rapid decline in the quality of my life.  Reluctantly, I had come to understand the meaning of “chronic pain.”

After examining my MRI and doing various muscle-testing exercises, Dr. Baum recommended a series of weekly injections into the ligaments in my lower back, over a period of six weeks. He was very thorough in explaining the process and what I could expect from the treatments.  My understanding was that in stimulating the ligaments around my sacrum, including the injured one, the injections would cause new cell growth and re-instigate the healing process in that region.

Although the shots were painful, Dr. Baum always injected my back with precision, and each office visit finished quickly.  I could feel the injury being treated directly, which was particularly encouraging to me, especially after so many other therapies had failed to address the root ligament problem.

Most importantly, the results have been fantastic!  By my third week of injections, I felt stronger and full of hope that I would actually get through this.  By the last treatment, I was almost myself again.. and now, two months after the last injection, I am able to exercise, lift things, and do just about all my former activities.  My insurance ended up reimbursing me part of the cost but even if they hadn’t, I still would have endured the Prolotherapy series, because feeling good is priceless.  Thank you, Dr. Baum!”

Amy Balent, Santa Fe, NM

Losing Weight On A Gluten Free Diet

What a well kept secret!  Yes, I couldn’t believe it, after 3 months of eliminating glutenous foods from my eating habits I weighed myself and had lost 15 pounds.  I wasn’t trying to lose weight I just wanted to feel better.  It’s amazing how good I feel now with no acid reflex after meals.  There was no real sacrifice, just a need to educate oneself to alternative non gluten flour products.  These products are easy to come by now in most grocery stores and they include rice, tapioca and garbonzo bean flour.  I have continued to cook from scratch and although I am eating more eggs and corn tortillas than before, I’m not hungry and actually eat less.  Try this easy healthy life style.

-Nancy Griego, Corrales, NM

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