Parkinson’s Disease

A note from Dr. Baum

I am having success with treatment of ALS, and Parkinson disease using IV Stem Cells. The Stem Cells are taken from the patients Fat, Bone marrow and vascular tree. The process takes all day. The improvements are remarkable. If any patients are afflicted with the diseases as mention contact my office for a consultation. ALS and Parkinson diseases can be halted and improved. I have patients with these diseases that will be happy to talk with you.

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic progressive neurological disease that affects nerve cells (neurons) in an area of the brain known as the substantia nigra. When healthy, these cells normally produce dopamine, a chemical (neurotransmitter) that transmits signals between areas in the brain. Normally this chemical coordinates smooth and balanced muscle movement. Unfortunately, this disease causes these nerve cells to die.  As a result the patient’s body movements are affected. The following are the general symptoms characteristic of Parkinson’s Disease:
Primary Motor Symptoms (Resting Tremor, Bradykinesia,
Rigidity, Postural Instability)
Secondary Motor Symptoms (Freezing, Micrographia, Mask-like Expression, Unwanted Accelerations)
Non-motor Symptoms (Loss of Sense of Smell, Constipation, Sleep Disorders, Mood Disorders, Orthostatic Hypotension )

IV Stem Cell and Parkinson’s Disease
Today, there are several new treatments and advances for Parkinson’s disease. The Parkinson’s Stem Cell Clinical Studies are being researched for their efficacy in improving the complications in patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, through the use of stem cells. These procedures could help patients who don’t respond to typical drug treatment.  Early detection, medication and the use of IV stem cells may offer a decrease in progression of symptoms and a better quality of life.

Should IV Stem Cell Treatments Be Repeated?

Yes, any stem cell therapy can and probably should be repeated.  Studies currently show the possibility of a cumulative effect from multiple stem cell therapies patient’s had received for their condition.

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