Platelet Rich Plasma Promotes Healing

Doctors: Platelet Rich Plasma Promotes Healing


While platelet rich plasma therapy treatment is still relatively new, doctors say it can help with sprains, tears and possibly even arthritis, CBS station KDKA-TV reported.

Experts believe the concentration of platelets help speed the healing of the tendons and ligaments, meaning a quicker recovery for occasional athletes as well as professional ones.

During the procedure, a patient’s own plasma is injected into an injury site. Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood. In order to separate plasma from the blood, doctors put it in a centrifuge and spin it around very fast.

Two Pittsburgh area doctors are using the procedure to treat athletes. Ordinary patients are also seeing the benefits, however.

“What it’s called is autologous platelet rich plasma and simply what that means is we take the patients own blood,” said Dr. DeMeo, the chairman of orthopedic surgery.

“And then the needle enters into the diseased or torn site, and then you inject the platelet in,” says Dr. Snell.

Patient Jodi Matthews knows all about the therapy after injuring his back lifting weights. He had trouble walking, getting dressed and especially doing his job as a physical education teacher.

“I was feeling 50 percent better on the first shot,” Matthews said. “By the second shot, I was completely pain free.”

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