Platelet Rich Plasma Patient Instructions

How Many Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures Will l Need?

Dr. Baum recommends 3 to 6 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures depending upon the amount of degeneration in the joint or the extent of the torn tendon or ligament being repaired. We begin with 3 procedures and 4-6 weeks following the 3rd procedure Dr. Baum evaluates you to see if any further treatments will be necessary.

What Do I Need To Do Immediately Following Each Procedure?

Because Platelet Rich Plasma releases growth factors, you do not want to disturb the area of injection for at lest 48 hours. Please refrain from any activities other than the necessary walking or driving in order to receive the maximum attraction of stem cells that produce the re-generation. We request you be very sedentary for 48 hours and reframe from any heavy physical activity for up to 2 weeks following each procedure so that you may receive maximum benefit. Please discuss your particular physical or sporting activities with Dr. Baum following your PRP procedure to determine when it would be best for you to return to them.

What Medications Can I Take?

Please do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin or high dose Aspirin. You may take Tylenol or homeopathic pain relieving medication if necessary. If you are on an 81-mg. daily dose of aspirin for cardiovascular reasons, please do not take it within the first 48 hours. Dr. Baum will discuss with you on your first consult other medications you are presently taking which may influence the PRP therapy.

Habits That Have A Degenerative Effect On Your Body

Smoking is one of the major factors in causing joint degeneration. If you are a smoker please consider a stop smoking program if you want to receive maximum benefit from the Platelet Rich Plasma procedures.

Dr. Baum has concluded in his years of practice that when patients choose to limit or eliminate their consumption of glutinous grains joint pain tends to subside and the degeneration process slows down dramatically.  To access more information about the gluten free diet click here.

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