Facial Mesotherapy


Radical life extension revolves around the use of adult stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues and organs.  We have been privileged to observe the extraordinary success of stem cell procedures and their remarkable ability to restore health and rejuvenate the human body. The use of adult stem cells for repairing degenerated joints and spines has shown great success for many.  One of the most common treatments using isolated adult stem cells is for knee and hip injuries.  It has also been successfully used in people with back and neck problems and appears particularly effective for bone and joint repair.

Compared to embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have obvious advantages.  They don’t cause any immune reaction; there are no ethical issues and no side effects because they are your own cells.

Stem Cell therapy appears to be one of the most promising techniques for Anti-aging in all areas of the body, from IV stem cells that address chronic illness to joint and spine injections using adult stem cells for regeneration.  Even the so-called “vampire face-lift” is a form of stem cell therapy that refreshes the cells and tissues in the face and makes one appear younger then their age.

At our clinic Dr. Baum uses the Mesotherapy technique combined with platelet rich plasma pure stem cell therapy to get the best and most lasting results for the non-surgical face-lift.

The use of IV stem cells has created new hope for chronic illnesses and given our patients a new since of well-being.  At our clinic we have been privileged to observe the extraordinary success of stem cell procedures and their remarkable ability to restore health and rejuvenate the human body and spirit.

Dr. Baum has the experience, equipment and technology to amplify your adult stem cells while still maintaining the ability to differentiate all the different cell types. All of our joint and spinal procedures are preformed using the most advanced diagnostic ultrasound equipment.  Our team is ready and available to reach out to you and provide you with the truth about stem cell procedures and why now is the time to consider new options.  Call:  888-634-1692

Our clinic has put together the best of both worlds when it comes to non-surgical facial regeneration.  We have combined the Mesotherapy technique with Platelet Pure Plasma.

You may have heard this technique called the “Vampire Facelift” and indeed it is your platelets taken from your own blood that are placed into specific areas of your face to achieve this regeneration of facial tissues.

We have even taken this a step further by using the Platelet Pure Plasma for facial procedures which means you do not get any red blood cells trapped under the face and it reduces any bruising while the platelets are regenerating new tissue and firming the face.
Most patients are able to return to work within an hour of the procedure.


The clinical physician will draw your blood and using the Platelet Pure Plasma obtained after processing will then inject certain areas of your face using the Mesotherapy technique.  Our clinical physician has been certified by the Mesotherapy Institute.  This is an injection procedure that takes about one hour and is relatively pain free do to a numbing agent used prior to the procedure.

Please call our office for more information involving this procedure and its cost.

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