Clinical Stem Cell Treatment in the US

I repair all joints including spine and TMJ using STEM CELLS.

People should be aware that I use their own stem cells to all joints and spine these stem cells are taken from blood, bone marrow and fat. We are using intro venous stem cells for ALS1: and ALS2:. There is also clinical utility of ALS gene testing. Parkinson disease is treated with intro venous stem cells giving very promising results.

I use PRP Pure no one else uses the pure form. Why do I use the pure form? Because regular PRP has white cells that fight for receptor sites and stops the effect. In the first place PRP and PRP Pure have a limited amount of stem cells which start producing stem cells by the 7th day and peak about the 21 first day. PRP PURE stops the white cells from blocking the receptor sites. Why do we want this to happen because you only want growth factors from the platelets. It is kind of like fertilizer for your garden. After 21 days you need to add bone marrow cells which have large numbers of stem cells. The next step is the use of fat stem cells. You must add growth factors to the fat cells to get the stem cells to do their job. Fat STEM CEllS have large numbers of stem cells but no growth factors, this is why I add growth factors to the fat. Some so called doctors state they do PRP, Bone Marrow and Fat stem cells all in the same day. THIS IS VERY WRONG. The patient is wasting their hard earned money and their over health.

Patients are being soled a bill of goods. Amniotic fluid, Placenta cells Cord blood First a number of caner tumors occur in particular with placenta cells. Where do the cells come from? You are exspoing your patients to HIV, Hepatitis C, B and other diseases. China is selling cheap materials which we don’t know if they are even sterile. FDA states You must use the patients own cells and give them back the same day to the patient.

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