The Future of Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

How Stem Cell Research Could Help Cure MS Symptoms
By Dorothy Foltz-Gray, Special to Lifescript
Published July 12, 2013
Reviewed by Edward C. Geehr, M.D., Lifescript Chief Medical Officer

There’s new hope for multiple sclerosis treatment: Doctors are harvesting adult stem cells to stop or even reverse MS symptoms in clinical trials on patients with multiple sclerosis. Is a cure for MS possible? Read on to find out…

If you’re living with MS symptoms, your body holds the key to future multiple sclerosis treatment.

Thanks to breakthrough research on adult stem cells taken from your own body, scientists now are finding new ways to stop and repair nerve damage caused by the debilitating autoimmune disease, which slowly erodes the ability to walk, talk and move.

“Stem cell therapy represents a whole new paradigm shift” in multiple sclerosis treatment, says stem cell researcher Richard Burt, M.D., Chief, Division of Immunotherapy at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.
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