PRP Treatment assists Olympian

Raphael Holzdeppe – Pole Vault Olympic medal in London in 2012, despite hamstring thanks PRP treatment GenesisCS

Ulm 30th, October 2012 – As part of his professional activities, pole vault Raphael Holzdeppe moved in April 2012 to a torn muscle in his thigh and was then treated with GenesisCS end of April 2012. Even after a few days he was symptom-free and was able to continue his training. Just a few weeks later, Raphael Holzdeppe was back in top form for the European Championships in Helsinki in early July 2012, and in a personal best at the Olympic Games in August 2012 Londonim each to win the bronze medal for Germany.


“Without this treatment, such a rapid return to training would not have been possible – the bronze medal in best performance over 5.91 m at the Olympic Games – GenesisCS made it possible,” said the medal winners in an interview. Even his doctor, Dr. Frank Kramer from Saarbrücken is the treatment and the result very satisfied: “Because of the treatment with GenesisCS Holzdeppe could keep his break from training minimal and was thus within a few days in great shape for training and subsequent competitive phase.


This body’s own form of therapy that is now available in the field of regenerative medicine available, opened just in competitive sports opportunities because they are not covered by doping. But also in the leisure-time sports now is a quick and safe recovery is possible and can be especially injuries in band, tendons -. And muscles heal faster “GenesisCS is a system by means of special treatment from a small amount of autologous blood an endogenous platelet concentrate (PRP – platelet rich plasma) is produced. Through this body’s healing processes initiated therapy in the body are stimulated and accelerated. “The advantage of GenesisCS system is the single dose of the PRP and the very simple and safe preparation of the actual PRPs” says sports physician and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hans-Georg Fischer from Aachen, which is already used as one of the first users in Germany the GenesisCS system.


Due to its very good personal experience is now the 23-year-old pole vaulter and bronze medalist at the European Championships and the 2012 Olympics, Raphael Holzdeppe for Ulmer pharmaceutical company Recordati Pharma GmbH and in April 2012 launched product GenesisCS as sponsoring partners and testimonials like kind has expanded Recordati Pharmaceuticals GenesisCS be known and proven “Orthopedic quartet” consisting of the Recosyn product family (intra-articular hyaluronic acid for the treatment of osteoarthritis in various forms), from Lipotalon (corticosteroid for the treatment of inflammatory, activated, painful joint diseases and tennis elbow) from SportVis ™ (peri-articular hyaluronic acid in acute traumatic and chronic degenerative sports injuries) and Ortoton (muscle relaxant for the symptomatic treatment of painful muscle spasms) now at an endogenous product in the field of regenerative medicine. “PRP is not new, it is for well over 20 years, its place in the field of dentistry for bone building, now it is also in the orthopedic field available as a treatment option for all patients,” said Dr. Volker Kessler, head of orthopedics at Recordati Pharmaceuticals.

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