Parkinson’s Disease and Adult Stem Cell Reasearch

Parkinson’s Disease

This disease attacks the nervous system of the human body, and is caused by a slow, almost imperceptible loss of cells in the brain that produce a chemical necessary for muscles to work normally.  Many people have come to know the main symptom of Parkinson’s as the disease that causes uncontrollable shaking of the hands, arms or legs.

A study by Instituto Brazzini Radiologos Asociados in Lima, Peru, showed considerable improvement in Parkinson’s symptoms after stem cell implants. Doctors registered various degrees of beneficial changes in brains

of all 47 patients within one week of the treatment. A team of Dr. Augusto Brazzini Armestar, the director of the institute, infused autologous stem cells derived from bone marrow into the arteries that supply blood to parts of brain that are typically damaged by Parkinson’s disease. [1]  Dr. Armestar explains: “Stem cells from bone marrow have the ability to differentiate into neurons and other tissues.” About three quarters of the patients achieved more than 50 percent improvement at the one month follow-up. [2] Dr. Armestar concludes that “[the] findings show a clinical recovery of extrapyramidal symptoms, which are maintained over time, as well as function recovery, representing a better metabolism of neurons and better performance in the brain.”[3]

[1] Autologous stem cells are stem cells coming from the same patient.
[2] Assessed by Parkinson’s disease validated tests.
[3] Susman, Ed, “Stem Cell Implant to the Brain Helps Improve Parkinson’s Symptoms: Presented at SIR,”
Doctor’s Guide, 24 March 2008. Accessed at: ( 17 April 2008 ).

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